Komar Rikreay

Project for street and Trafficked Children Reception, Orientation and Rehabilitation


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... By speaking about us

To introduce us is essential for the development of the association. Do not hesitate to contact us to put a partnership in place. Example of action: do you have a mailing list? Add a line on Komar Rikreay at the foot of your email or a short mention in your signature

... By organising an event

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to organise events in favour of Komar Rikreay.

... By making a donation

Donations represent the biggest part of our budget and it is thanks to them that we can help these  most deserving children. With operating expenses reduced to basics and optimal management it is almost all of your donation which goes to the children.

Besides, for donations to a charitable organisation, the reduction is equal to 75 % of their sum, within the limits of 488 euro for statements 2008 of incomes 2007. The part of these donations exceeding 488 euro opens general straight to the reduction envisaged for donations to charities like Komar Rikreay : 66 % sums of remittance kept within the limits of 20 % of your income liable to tax. If your donations exceed this border, you can put back this surplus on on the five next years.


Deposit your donations to:


265-269, Ang Duong Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Account number: 004 0000 1000 23

Account Name: Komar Rikreay Association


Or Choose Paypal !

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