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Project for street and Trafficked Children Reception, Orientation and Rehabilitation


About Us

KMR is a child protection-focused community-based organization. KMR was founded on 1st of June 1998.  KMR does not serve any political group or party, make profit, or discriminate against any group. It aims to receive children in need of special protection and disadvantaged youth both from trafficking networks and the streets. KMR has the capacity to welcome 65 vulnerable children, both male and female. The age range is from 5 to 18 years old.


Khmers rallied alongside of Rose-Ann Papavéro, volunteer in Cambodia, to create the association. Today, her president, Mrs Prom KimChheng, also a former refugee, is a very active and motivated social worker.

Since 1998, KMR has been working with street children in Battambang. But since then new needs appeared concerning the problem of trafficking the children towards Thailand. In April 2000, on the request from MoSAVY-IOM repatriation and orientation network project, KMR has started to receive trafficked children repatriated from Thailand. 

Since November 2000, the children are living in a very new centre which KMR constructed. KMR has five houses for the children's shelter which were finished in 2006. 

Since 2003, KMR has secured rice supply with 9 hectares of rice field for food security sustainability.

In addition to the office, KMR owns another building since 2007 dedicated to children's shows, children's activities and vocational training.

Finally, the center also has a games area, 2 henhouses, a pond of 1000m², a garden of 800 m² and 2000m² of orchard used for the family training.


Rescue, protect and develop street, trafficked and vulnerable children in Cambodia, so that they have access to their basic rights and needs in their best interests, and so that they may live peacefully and happily.

       OUR VISION :

KMR provides medium-term reception facilities and social services including education, vocational skills training, and psychosocial support. Our aim is to reintegrate children back into the community and assist them in becoming productive members of society.


1) Work with transparency and accountability
2) Committed to serving the children
3) Professionalism
4) Integrity


KMR has 27 local staff (including 16 women): 1 Executive Director, 1 Administrator/finance, 2 Admin./finance assistants, 5 program officers, 5 social workers, 2 agriculturist assistants, 8 care takers and 3 guards. KMR always aims to develop staffs’ capacities in order to increase its project’s performances (collaboration, networking).

KMR has also 2 international volunteers: 1 Project Management Advisor and 1 Child Development Advisor.


KMR has also a  Board of Directors who are responsible for providing orientation and support to the KMR team in the implementation of their tasks. It is composed of 3 members :
1) The board representative: She is the director of the NGO Operation Enfants du Cambodge. She is helping KMR for the administrative issues

2) The social work adviser: He is the chief of the social district
3) The education adviser: He is secretary at the Education Department in Battambang. He is helping KMR for the issues related to children’s education. He is working as facilitator between KMR and the school.


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