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Project for street and Trafficked Children Reception, Orientation and Rehabilitation


Our Work

In order to have a comprehensive approach, KMR has developed 5 main projects:


  • KMR provides the children with safe shelter, healthy food, and medical care to satisfy their physiological needs.
  • KMR offers psychosocial services including confidential counseling, art therapy, and group therapy in order to help the children recover from their trauma.
  • In KMR, all the children have access to formal education in public school as well as non formal education and life skills in the center.
  • KMR provides vocational skills training for teenagers over 15 years old in order to help them to have a future sustainable activity in the community. 
  • KMR also provides school materials including uniforms and financial support.



  • When a new child arrives in the centre, KMR’s social workers try to rebuild the child’s story. Each child has access to family tracing and assessment in order to be reintegrated in his or her family when possible.
  • The reintegration will only be implemented if the assessment concludes that the reintegration guarantees the safety and security of the child.
  • Case managers and all partners follow up with the reintegrated children for one year.
  • Their families are involved with KMR program through skills training, family group meetings and assistance for income generating activities.



  • KMR established this program in 2004 for children who can’t be reintegrated into their family for reasons such as abandonment, domestic violence, abject poverty, and drug and alcohol issues.
  • KMR looks after foster families in the community. KMR believes that it’s better for the children’s psychological development to live within a community rather than in an institution.



  • Many children are working during the day in Battambang town. They collect rubbish, steal or beg for money, and do not have a secure place to sleep. Numerous children are subjected to health and social problems, physical and sexual abuse and drug abuse. In order to help them KMR started this project in 1998.
  • In 2004, KMR began working in three places outside the center: Railway station, Rubbish station, and Psar Nat Market. Another initiative targets street children by sending a mobile team into Battambang town at night.
  • KMR provides them with life skills, formal and informal education through  “School on a Mat” where they learn about hygiene, HIV education, child rights and trafficking prevention.
  • The  children receive health check-ups at the hospital.
  • KMR supports their families through micro loans and school sponsorships to help the family become self sustainable.



  • Since 2001, KMR has provided agriculture skills to children and families through training in fish raising, mushroom cultivation, organic vegetable growing,  organic animal raising, bio fertilizer and compost. This project is important for children and families to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • KMR provides income generation training in order to improve the economic situations of the families.
  • Since 2003, KMR has secured rice supply with 9 hectares of rice field for food security sustainability.

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